The Mother’s Day Project

War is Personal

One Week Later . . .

Less than a week ago, I sat down with a sketchpad and a glass of iced tea to contemplate the course of my next fiber arts project.  Six days, hundreds of emails and one website later, it feels more like this project found me rather than the other way around.

As your responses poured in, it became obvious that my initial goal of finding 79 people, each willing to stitch the name of one female Coalition casualty from the Iraq War, would be exceeded.  I am already deep into the second bag and still accepting names of volunteer stitchers who wish to participate.

Sadly, very sadly, another name was added to the casualty list this morning.  The second bag that will make its way into homes and hands across this nation, and other countries including Germany and Denmark, will carry 80 names.  

Please continue to promote The Mother’s Day Project on your blogs, through word of mouth, by comments and in any other way possible.  Several participants have donated their creative energy to designing buttons that you can post on your websites and blogs.  Take them.  Post them liberally.

As the days and weeks progress, I will be adding information and links to this site.  Check back often or add the rss feed to your feed aggregator in order to be notified of updates.

For email support and questions, write to mothersdayproject (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.

Again, my deepest gratitude for your overwhelming support of this effort to remind the world that war is personal.


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  Daphne wrote @

I received my name last night. It has suddenly become so much more tangible, personal and horrific than ever before. Thank you for this project.

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