The Mother’s Day Project

War is Personal

The MDP Policy on Donations

Many stitching volunteers have emailed with offers of cash donations to offset the cost of materials for this project.  You cannot imagine how touching it is to receive these heartfelt offers because it communicates to me how deeply this endeavor is resonating with you.

It is my desire that anyone who feels moved to make a cash donation consider one of the organizations listed in the sidebar at right.  Alternatively, a donation to a nonprofit group of your choice in the name of The Mother’s Day Project would be welcomed and appreciated.



  chickenbetty wrote @

I received my name today. I took a few minutes to learn about her and to sign her online guest book. What and amazing project to be a part of – to honor these women and their families. Thank you again!

  Pat Fuchs wrote @

I received my name – spelled correctly as far as I can tell – and also took some time to begin to learn about her. It was amazing to read about her life, and when I saw her picture (she was only 23) I just broke down in tears. This is helping (at least me) to make all of this more personal. One of the (many!) things I have a great deal of trouble with about the way the war was started and handled is that – while we’re told it’s about the survival of civilization – there is no real connection to most people’s day-to-day lives, no sacrifice, no thought given to what’s happening over there. Participating in this project will help me to personalize at least a little bit of it. Thank you so much for getting this organized.

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