The Mother’s Day Project

War is Personal

Personal Condolences

This project is all about making war personal, but is there a limit to how personal we should make our involvement? Some of you have written asking if it would be alright to contact family members through personal websites or email.

After researching the lives of several women myself, I understand the impulse to express a personal message of sympathy. Doing so is not within the boundaries of this project, but if it feels right to you, if it’s a natural extension of your attempt to make a personal connection with one or more of the soldiers who have died in Iraq, I see no reason not to extend your heartfelt condolences.

But, just a word of caution. The way each of us handles, absorbs and comes to terms with the death of a loved is unique. Some family members may not want to be contacted, especially by strangers. Families, sometimes, wish to be left alone.



  ellen kelley wrote @

Anne, I was reading entries made by participants and noticed that I received the same name as another member of themothersdayproject. The name is Amy A. Duerksen and the participant’s site is beadslut.livejournal.
Should I go ahead and complete my piece, or do I need a different name?

  threadingwater wrote @

Hi Ellen,

Good question. There were so many volunteers for this project that I started a second bag. You are working on bag #2 and there should be a red number 2 marked on the corner of your fabric square. Each bag will be completely different except that, of course, most of the names will be the same.

Stitch on.

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