The Mother’s Day Project

War is Personal

Spc. Kamisha J. Block

Spc. Block, of Vidor, Texas was a 2005 graduate of Vidor High School and was currently serving as a military police officer in an area north of Baghdad. She was killed in Iraq at age 20.

Her death was the result of non-hostile causes and is being investigated by the Department of Defense.

Spc. Block is the third female fatality recorded in the past two days.



  Amber wrote @

i just wanted to say that i knew block i went to basic and ait with her in fort leonard wood mo and i loved her dearly she was the best and brightest battle buddy she will be rememberd by all and especially her 3rd plattoon spartans who all becames soldiers at the same time god bless you kamisha

  SIERRA wrote @

BLOCKY was my battlebuddy at ft. leonardwood. We had secrets that no one to this day knows. She was very special to me and i will treasure her memories always. She was amazing, beautiful and grouchy a lot of the time….j/k i always gave her crap for that. To me she was invinsible and just a remarkable person.. It is hard to know i survived iraq and my first bettle didnt but i know that when i go again she will be by my side. I love you blocky and i know busta rhymes misses you too. To me your not gone your just on a vacation. I love you and will never forget you….

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