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Spc. Marisol Heredia

Spc. Marisol Heredia, 19, died Friday, September 7th at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, according to a Defense Department statement released Monday.Heredia died from “non-combat related injuries” suffered on July 18 in Baghdad, Iraq. The circumstances surrounding Heredia’s death are still under investigation.

Neighbors at the apartment complex where Heredia lived with her family, described her as a studious woman who graduated early from high school and followed her older sister into the Army.

“They are very good people, unpretentious, hard-working,” said Maribel Costantino of the Heredias.


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  Elaine Donnelly wrote @

Dear Heredia Family,

I was saddened to read of the death of Spec. Marisol Heredia–my deepest condolences.

The Defense Department notice mentioned that an investigation was under way, and that a fairly long period of time ensued after the incident in Iraq. Is there more information on what happened?

With best wishes and thanks for your service and sacrifice for America,

Elaine Donnelly
President, Center for Military Readiness
Former Member, Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces.

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