The Mother’s Day Project

War is Personal

Tote Preview

Sorry, to keep you waiting so long. The first tote bag is in the construction phase and I’m happy to present you with this preview and short update on the project.

There is still a ways to go since most of the remaining construction – adding more names, incorporating the extra stitchery some of you provided and building upon the layers of collage with embroidery, beading and other embellishment – is all done by hand. However, I’ve made a lot of progress in just the past couple of weeks.

Also, I wish to thank the organizers of the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat in Tacoma, Washington, for giving me the opportunity to present a short description and video about The Mother’s Day Project at their annual gathering last weekend. The response was overwhelmingly positive and resulted in being able to raise funds for Iraq Coalition Casualty Count and Heifer International. My sincere thanks to everyone who donated money and/or took the time to speak with me personally. I appreciate your heartfelt responses and your support.

One side of tote with approximately half of total names in place

Close up of embellished section

Another close up

Opposite side of tote bag ready for names to be attached

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been up to. Thank you, everyone, for your lovely stitching and written notes which continue to inspire me daily.



  June wrote @

It’s both beautiful and heartbreaking! I’m so happy I was able to participate in this project.

  cheeseheadwithsticks wrote @

Oh my gosh – it’s BREATHTAKING! Beautiful! These women would be so very proud! Thank you for doing this, and thank you for letting us participate!

  Blue Gal wrote @


  Leslie wrote @

Holy, holy cow. What an amazing thing!

  becky wrote @

It is incredible. Thank you for your dedication

  Kath wrote @

It looks beautiful – wonderful work! Thanks for the update.

  Happy Zombie wrote @

I am in AWE! Beyond beautiful!

I feel soooo privileged to have been a part of this!

  Daphne wrote @

It’s so beautiful.

Thanks for the Madrona heads-up. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it but glad it went so well!

  Susan wrote @

Thank you for letting us all be a part of this.

  Sharon Rose wrote @

June nailed it – beautiful and heartbreaking. I’m so glad I was able to contribute.

  eRobin wrote @

I have tears in my eyes. June did get it right: beautiful and heartbreaking. Thanks so much for putting it together so lovingly.

  velda wrote @

What a remarkable piece, I’m so pleased to be a part of this.

  Sharon Stauffer wrote @

With the first anniversary of Ashly Moyer’s death being Monday, March 3rd – how appropriate that a preview of the tote would arrive around the same time. There are no coincidences. It is beautiful. Thank You. Her mother and I are so proud to be a part of this project.

  Gayle wrote @

So beautiful and creative. My primitive stitching will be “ok”, I can see. Thank you so much!

  Carrie wrote @

That is looking so beautiful! I hope my newby stitching doesn’t stand out too badly. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

Thank you for doing this.

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