The Mother’s Day Project

War is Personal

Project One Complete


Almost two years to the day from the launch of the Mother’s Day Project, I am pleased to announce the completion of Project One with this brief photo essay.

Since making the decision to abandon the original tote bag design, I’ve struggled with different methods and ideas for joining and bordering the two panels that comprise this first phase of the project.  Habu Textiles to the rescue.  Based on nothing more than a web photo and basic description, I ordered several skeins of a pineapple-related plant fiber called “fique.”  The dark, reddish-brown color and fiber stiffness were perfectly suited for a simple crocheted border.  I hope those of you who contributed to this phase of the MDP agree.

Now, the work of finding a permanent home for this completed project begins in earnest.  Many of you have submitted suggestions and they will all be carefully explored and considered.

Until a permanent home is found, the responsibility of caring for the embroidered names you have so generously contributed rests with me.  If you have a group of people interested in learning more about MDP and viewing the work in person, please let me know.  I am physically located in southeastern Wisconsin, but am willing to travel and work with interested groups anywhere.






  Blue Gal wrote @

It’s the perfect solution. Perfect.

and that piece and its history and story will find a home. I have no doubt of it.



  Cindy wrote @

This is such a wonderful thing to do and the piece is beautiful. I wish I had found you before since I would have been honored to stitch a name.

  Sharon Rose wrote @

Well done! Please keep us updated about its permanent home! 🙂

  Kerri Gabbard Wilson wrote @

I think a perfect location for the project would be the women’s museum at Arlington National Cemetary. They would treasure and care for it with the respect and honor the piece deserves.

Thank you to all who assisted in this project. Today is the 3rd anniversary of CSM Marilyn L. Gabbards death in Iraq and we miss her more than words can say. She gave her life for her country doing the job she loved, taking care of soldiers. We pray that soon the war will end and that no more lives, male or female, will be lost. May God bless you all.

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