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A Bit of Housekeeping

San Franciso, Coit Tower WPA mural detail


Regular readers of my daily blog, threadingwater, know that I have been vacationing in California for the past eight days. I’m back home now, but a little behind in responding to emails and in acknowledging receipt of your lovingly stitched names.

If you sent your name to me and haven’t heard back, please don’t worry. A reliable neighbor picked up my mail each day and I’m certain you’ll hear from me soon.

About duplicate names

Some of you have written after noticing that another person has been blogging about the same person whose name you have received. Have I made a mistake in sending out the same name twice? Of course, that’s possible, but the more likely explanation is that you are working on the same name but for a separate tote bag. There are currently two bags in the making. That means that two individuals are likely to be stitching the same name at the same time.

Have I forgotten anything? Let me know, please.


That Shiny Strip

Some of you have noticed and/or emailed about the shiny, tape-like surface surrounding the name on the muslin. This is residue from the heat-stamping of the nameĀ and will eventually wash out of the fabric.

Although this residue will dull your needle, it also aids the stitching by serving as a stabilizer for the thin muslin. Go ahead and stitch right through it, remembering to start with a sharp needle.